Depoting your lipsticks and saving space!

If you love makeup you probably have a lot of lipsticks. So many colors, so many brands, finishing, pigments and textures! It just make us go gaga over it, isn't it? As a professional makeup artist I'm always looking for the hottest colors, but I like the weirdest ones as well. And sometimes I'm just taking an innocent walk at the makeup department (riiiight) and boom! the lipstick found me....

Lately I bought around 15 new lipsticks, I was in my home country in January and couldn't resist the new brands, with great formula and very interesting colors that dare I say, were too different from my was light pinks and pastel tones! So great thing that it was cheap, I mean, I can't pay loads for something I'm not sure of...(if you have fair skin you probably thing I'm crazy, but if you don't, you can understand my fear....I look dead in nude, or pale I was skeptical... but my clients here in Norway demanded a bigger variety of nudes and pinks, so I jumped!)

That's how I ended up with 15 lipsticks to carry around.....And you might think that it's a silly thing to do....depot, but if you have 15 lipsticks and sometimes a lot more, it can get heavy to carry around. As freelance makeup artists, we are supposed to go to work in many different places, from a simple studio downtown to the middle of the woods. And unless you have a car, and you can actually drive everywhere you work (not the middle of the woods), you need to save space and weight.

And even if you are not a professional, deputing can be cool, if you like to go out carrying a small bag, you can use those small pill boxes that you find at drugstores, and some department stores. Then you can always have at least three shades always with you on the go and it's the same size as one lipstick! Very practical!

Down bellow I'll give you the step by step of deputing and a short video, so good luck!

Facial cleaning is important!

Hey people! I'm still recovering from this horrible flu I got last week and unfortunately this post ended up so delayed! But now I'm almost 100% better and we can go back to beauty! So tell me, why cleaning your face everyday and remove makeup every evening is so important?

It's simple really, it keeps you from aging prematurely, and it will make you look fresh and healthy! Plus it feels great! And when you have a bad day when all you want to do is to stay in your comfy clothes, eat chocolate and cry (we all been there), you will still look relatively human! And when you do put on makeup, you won't have to worry so much about a heavy coverage and it will save you time!

What happens when you wear makeup everyday is that it closes your pores. And while no one likes pores, they do need to breathe. So your skin needs a break from the makeup so it can soak up the oxygen, even if you don't wear much makeup or only in special occasions, its important to clean your face everyday, because there are other things that can harm your skin, such as pollution, hormones, acne, etc.

So let's start from the beginning, the morning! You wake up, and wash your face or shower. (Cold water can be beneficial as it helps you wake up and diminishes the puffiness of your face, but not crucial, c'mon no one wants cold water in the winter!) But be warm or cold, just wash your face to clean from the oils that formed in your skin during the night using a facial soap, not the same soap to clean your body, that's way too harsh for your pretty face!

Also, I like to use a few times per week instead of my facial soap, a brush to clean my face, the best known is Clarisonic, but you don't need to spend all your bucks in it, as there are similar a in the market that can do a pretty decent job. I've tried to use mine in combination with a soap, but it proved to be too harsh for my skin, so now I use it only with warm water in the shower, but it all depends on you, what works for me, may not be great for you. Like most things in life, it's trial and error until you get it right. 


Clarisonic can be fount at Kicks, and a similar Silk'n Sonic Clean can be found at ElkjΓΈp :)

And in the evening, before you go to bed you should remove your make-up with a remover and wash your face again. Next post we'll talk more about removing make-up.

Have a nice day and don't forget to moisturize! :)

Nails of the day....or the weekend...

I have to admit to you all, I'm a addict....glitter addict! Everyone that knows me, knows that I can be very easily distracted with a small bottle of glitter polish...

So today I was feeling I picked 3 glitters that I absolutely adore! (though, I do have over 50 different glitter polishes....not counting my other polishes...but more about that in another post!)

First was my base colour (do not confuse with base coat), I used Barry M 342 Nude, after I applied OPI GoldenEye on the tips, and with the leftover polish in the bush pulled towards the cuticule, then I aplied Revlon 261 Sparkling in the golden area, trying to pick some of the larger pink glitters as well. To finish off the glitter-mania I applied H&M Pink Bling Bling (my favorite ever, even bought 3 bottles of it last time I saw it for sale at H&M!) over my entire nail.

See the results bellow, and have a lovely weekend! :)

About cleaning brushes.

If you are a makeup artist, or a makeup lover you know the importance of having your brushes clean. Especially if you work with them you know not to put a dirty brush on a client's face. No one wants dirty brushes girl! So today I'm gonna talk more about how I keep my brushes clean, now, this will be long...

There are so many brush soaps in the market right now, from cheap to quite expensive. But keep in mind that depending on the kind of brushes you have and what kind of product you used, you will need different soaps and price won't really matter.

Let's start with natural bristles, as you know they are from animal origin and should be treated like your own hair, so a mild shampoo (baby or a moisturizing one) and even a tiny amount of conditioner in the end should do the trick since they are mostly used with powders, such as eyeshadows, blushers and powder. And remeber not to rub them too much, they are natural and can break just like normal hair.

Now if you, like me are quite fond of the synthetic bristles, you can go a bit more hardcore and use a detergent to wash it if you have used any kind of grease prior to wash as liquid, cream or mousse foundation, lipsticks, gel liners, grease paints, cream shadows and even glitter. The detergent will break the molecules of fat in the grease products and clean your brushes throughly. But be gentle, use small amounts of detergent.

And sometimes it happens to have many clients in a day and I need clean brushes quickly. (I still recommend to have at least two or three at least of each kind of brush, but I know sometimes it's just not enough or even possible if you just started). Keep in mind that bacteria spreads most easily through creams and liquids, so you can still use the powder brushes a few times in the same day without washing. But your lip, liner, foundation and eyeshadow brushes must be clean, you don't know if your client had an infection or a cold or whatever in that day, so you don't want to spread it further.

What I carry with me in a small spray bottle, that is efficient and kill bacteria is something called Metsolv 4021, this is a degreaser very popular among makeup artists. It cleans quickly and dries fast, being very useful during jobs. I bought mine in London at the Guru Makeup Emporium, but I know you can find it here in Oslo as well, in pharmacies under the name of Heptan. Metsolv is part heptane and part a bunch of other chemicals, so if you have the pleasure of traveling to London, get yourself some of that, but if not, know that Heptan works. Ps. Know that both Metsolv 4021 and Heptan are highly toxic, so use only with open windows and in a ventilated area.

For more info about Metsolv 4021:

For more info about Metsolv 4021:

Now finally the drying part. So your brushes are so clean now, how to put them to dry? If you can get yourself some brushguards and put the brushes in it and let them dry in a cup or glass, but if not, just lay them flat or in a slight foward angle in a towel, it helps if like me you have a space in the window near the heating so they can dry faster. A good thing I've learned in makeup school is to use KY jelly to tidy and re-shape the bristles, as they tend to lose their shape after washing. I know it sounds a bit odd, but it works so well, because the KY is water based it doesn't make it sticky after is dry.

My first blog entry!

How bizarre is to finally have a blog. I thought against it several times in fear of no one ever reading it, but this time I'll take the chance.

I do have a bet with my husband about it, if I actually get regular visitors in three months, I owe him a nice dinner out, but if not I'm the one getting a fancy dinner. Sounds a bit bonkers when you think about it, but that is something about me: I'm usually a pessimist when it comes to my own luck. Hopefully it will turn around and I will gladly pay him a dinner in a swanky restaurant.

So let's talk beauty, makeup, perfume, nails, cosmetics, and all things related....and sometimes not...

Today I did my nails with hot pink. I can finally see spring coming, even though here in Oslo, spring seems still far away in the temperature department, but hey, it was sunny!

A new, big L'oreal store opened at Karl Johans Gate here in Oslo, and my lovely husband got me this confetti top coat in black and white. I confess i was not expecting much of it, but I was gladly wrong, and now I'm obsessed with it....though it does dry a bit too fast for my liking, it looks so much fun. And I'm still loving the Makeup Mekka polishes as well. Finally a scandinavian brand with great prices and really good quality! 

This is two coats of Joyride by Makeup Mekka with Top Coat Confetti by L'oreal. (And don't forget the base and top coat! Base coat is Essie Grow Strong and top coat is Seche Vite).