My first blog entry!

How bizarre is to finally have a blog. I thought against it several times in fear of no one ever reading it, but this time I'll take the chance.

I do have a bet with my husband about it, if I actually get regular visitors in three months, I owe him a nice dinner out, but if not I'm the one getting a fancy dinner. Sounds a bit bonkers when you think about it, but that is something about me: I'm usually a pessimist when it comes to my own luck. Hopefully it will turn around and I will gladly pay him a dinner in a swanky restaurant.

So let's talk beauty, makeup, perfume, nails, cosmetics, and all things related....and sometimes not...

Today I did my nails with hot pink. I can finally see spring coming, even though here in Oslo, spring seems still far away in the temperature department, but hey, it was sunny!

A new, big L'oreal store opened at Karl Johans Gate here in Oslo, and my lovely husband got me this confetti top coat in black and white. I confess i was not expecting much of it, but I was gladly wrong, and now I'm obsessed with it....though it does dry a bit too fast for my liking, it looks so much fun. And I'm still loving the Makeup Mekka polishes as well. Finally a scandinavian brand with great prices and really good quality! 

This is two coats of Joyride by Makeup Mekka with Top Coat Confetti by L'oreal. (And don't forget the base and top coat! Base coat is Essie Grow Strong and top coat is Seche Vite).