About cleaning brushes.

If you are a makeup artist, or a makeup lover you know the importance of having your brushes clean. Especially if you work with them you know not to put a dirty brush on a client's face. No one wants dirty brushes girl! So today I'm gonna talk more about how I keep my brushes clean, now, this will be long...

There are so many brush soaps in the market right now, from cheap to quite expensive. But keep in mind that depending on the kind of brushes you have and what kind of product you used, you will need different soaps and price won't really matter.

Let's start with natural bristles, as you know they are from animal origin and should be treated like your own hair, so a mild shampoo (baby or a moisturizing one) and even a tiny amount of conditioner in the end should do the trick since they are mostly used with powders, such as eyeshadows, blushers and powder. And remeber not to rub them too much, they are natural and can break just like normal hair.

Now if you, like me are quite fond of the synthetic bristles, you can go a bit more hardcore and use a detergent to wash it if you have used any kind of grease prior to wash as liquid, cream or mousse foundation, lipsticks, gel liners, grease paints, cream shadows and even glitter. The detergent will break the molecules of fat in the grease products and clean your brushes throughly. But be gentle, use small amounts of detergent.

And sometimes it happens to have many clients in a day and I need clean brushes quickly. (I still recommend to have at least two or three at least of each kind of brush, but I know sometimes it's just not enough or even possible if you just started). Keep in mind that bacteria spreads most easily through creams and liquids, so you can still use the powder brushes a few times in the same day without washing. But your lip, liner, foundation and eyeshadow brushes must be clean, you don't know if your client had an infection or a cold or whatever in that day, so you don't want to spread it further.

What I carry with me in a small spray bottle, that is efficient and kill bacteria is something called Metsolv 4021, this is a degreaser very popular among makeup artists. It cleans quickly and dries fast, being very useful during jobs. I bought mine in London at the Guru Makeup Emporium, but I know you can find it here in Oslo as well, in pharmacies under the name of Heptan. Metsolv is part heptane and part a bunch of other chemicals, so if you have the pleasure of traveling to London, get yourself some of that, but if not, know that Heptan works. Ps. Know that both Metsolv 4021 and Heptan are highly toxic, so use only with open windows and in a ventilated area.

For more info about Metsolv 4021: http://objects.eanixter.com/PD367206.PDF

For more info about Metsolv 4021: http://objects.eanixter.com/PD367206.PDF

Now finally the drying part. So your brushes are so clean now, how to put them to dry? If you can get yourself some brushguards and put the brushes in it and let them dry in a cup or glass, but if not, just lay them flat or in a slight foward angle in a towel, it helps if like me you have a space in the window near the heating so they can dry faster. A good thing I've learned in makeup school is to use KY jelly to tidy and re-shape the bristles, as they tend to lose their shape after washing. I know it sounds a bit odd, but it works so well, because the KY is water based it doesn't make it sticky after is dry.