Depoting your lipsticks and saving space!

If you love makeup you probably have a lot of lipsticks. So many colors, so many brands, finishing, pigments and textures! It just make us go gaga over it, isn't it? As a professional makeup artist I'm always looking for the hottest colors, but I like the weirdest ones as well. And sometimes I'm just taking an innocent walk at the makeup department (riiiight) and boom! the lipstick found me....

Lately I bought around 15 new lipsticks, I was in my home country in January and couldn't resist the new brands, with great formula and very interesting colors that dare I say, were too different from my was light pinks and pastel tones! So great thing that it was cheap, I mean, I can't pay loads for something I'm not sure of...(if you have fair skin you probably thing I'm crazy, but if you don't, you can understand my fear....I look dead in nude, or pale I was skeptical... but my clients here in Norway demanded a bigger variety of nudes and pinks, so I jumped!)

That's how I ended up with 15 lipsticks to carry around.....And you might think that it's a silly thing to do....depot, but if you have 15 lipsticks and sometimes a lot more, it can get heavy to carry around. As freelance makeup artists, we are supposed to go to work in many different places, from a simple studio downtown to the middle of the woods. And unless you have a car, and you can actually drive everywhere you work (not the middle of the woods), you need to save space and weight.

And even if you are not a professional, deputing can be cool, if you like to go out carrying a small bag, you can use those small pill boxes that you find at drugstores, and some department stores. Then you can always have at least three shades always with you on the go and it's the same size as one lipstick! Very practical!

Down bellow I'll give you the step by step of deputing and a short video, so good luck!