Facial cleaning is important!

Hey people! I'm still recovering from this horrible flu I got last week and unfortunately this post ended up so delayed! But now I'm almost 100% better and we can go back to beauty! So tell me, why cleaning your face everyday and remove makeup every evening is so important?

It's simple really, it keeps you from aging prematurely, and it will make you look fresh and healthy! Plus it feels great! And when you have a bad day when all you want to do is to stay in your comfy clothes, eat chocolate and cry (we all been there), you will still look relatively human! And when you do put on makeup, you won't have to worry so much about a heavy coverage and it will save you time!

What happens when you wear makeup everyday is that it closes your pores. And while no one likes pores, they do need to breathe. So your skin needs a break from the makeup so it can soak up the oxygen, even if you don't wear much makeup or only in special occasions, its important to clean your face everyday, because there are other things that can harm your skin, such as pollution, hormones, acne, etc.

So let's start from the beginning, the morning! You wake up, and wash your face or shower. (Cold water can be beneficial as it helps you wake up and diminishes the puffiness of your face, but not crucial, c'mon no one wants cold water in the winter!) But be warm or cold, just wash your face to clean from the oils that formed in your skin during the night using a facial soap, not the same soap to clean your body, that's way too harsh for your pretty face!

Also, I like to use a few times per week instead of my facial soap, a brush to clean my face, the best known is Clarisonic, but you don't need to spend all your bucks in it, as there are similar a in the market that can do a pretty decent job. I've tried to use mine in combination with a soap, but it proved to be too harsh for my skin, so now I use it only with warm water in the shower, but it all depends on you, what works for me, may not be great for you. Like most things in life, it's trial and error until you get it right. 


Clarisonic can be fount at Kicks, and a similar Silk'n Sonic Clean can be found at ElkjΓΈp :)

And in the evening, before you go to bed you should remove your make-up with a remover and wash your face again. Next post we'll talk more about removing make-up.

Have a nice day and don't forget to moisturize! :)